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    Thank you Penelope Christo for the beautiful photos!

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    A Day At Ammoudi Bay

    Ammoudi-fish tavern

    Ammoudi Bay is a hot spot for tourists and locals because of the delicious food at the tavernas and one of the best swimming spots on the island. To get to the swimming spot, go through all the tavernas and follow the path around the cliff for about 5 minutes. Eventually, you will see a crowd of people enjoying Ammoudi for the fun it offers. And fun is plentiful at Ammoudi! Here’s 3 good reasons to spend the day at Ammoudi Bay.

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    Askitaria - An Abandoned Monastery In Santorini

    Walk to AskitariaNot many people come to Santorini to go hiking, but the island actually has some pretty impressive trails. The famous walk that many tourists opt to do at some point during their stay is the Firá to Oia walk. It’s not too treacherous, taking a leisurely 4 hours, and the path is easy to follow. The other paths that Santorini has to offer are not well-known, but should be on every traveler to Santorini’s list (another post on that later).

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    Best Beaches of Santorini: From A Local's Perspective


    Tourists from all over the world visit Santorini, Greece to take in the spectacular sights of the caldera and stay in the white-washed cave homes dug into the side of the cliffs. Santorini is a famous Cycladic Island, recently listed as the Number 1 island in Europe! Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, Santorini receives visitors looking for an abundance of activities, from shopping to hiking to surfing! The island offers plenty of activities to suit everyone’s needs, but the beaches are what locals and tourists alike flock to in the summer time. Most visitors go to the popular beaches, which are great, but there are less-frequented ones that I think are even better!

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    Kalimera Santorini: 3 Days On A Greek Island


    Kalimera, meaning 'Good Morning' in Greek. I wrote an itinerary for Daytripper365 about Santorini and I included everything I would want to do as if it were my first time again. I think it's the perfect 3-day getaway. Check it out HERE.

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    5 Life Lessons I've Learned From The Greeks

    Life Lessons

    I came to Greece last year as part of a long solo-trip to Europe I had planned. From Naples Italy, I flew into Athens, then I hopped on the Blue Star ferry to explore the Cycladic islands. Arriving at the islands, I immediately fell for the laid-back lifestyle and Greek culture. I spent a week in Paros, staying at Jimmy’s, a cozy and minimal hostel, and lounging by the clear blue Aegean sea. Then, I made my way to Santorini, where I was meeting my sister. As the ferry pulled into the port, I was admiring the caldera views and classic Cycladic architecture and I was filled with excitement. Little did I know that my first trip to Santorini would change the course of my life.

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