Ammoudi-fish tavern

Ammoudi Bay is a hot spot for tourists and locals because of the delicious food at the tavernas and one of the best swimming spots on the island. To get to the swimming spot, go through all the tavernas and follow the path around the cliff for about 5 minutes. Eventually, you will see a crowd of people enjoying Ammoudi for the fun it offers. And fun is plentiful at Ammoudi! Here’s 3 good reasons to spend the day at Ammoudi Bay.


1. Cliff Jumping

Ammoudi-Cliff jumping

Of course swimming is the popular activity at Ammoudi, but what would swimming be without cliff jumping in Santorini? There’s several great spots to cliff jump into the clear blue water and all at varying heights. Agios Nikolaos is the best place to jump from and in my opinion, has the best views of Ammoudi. To get there, you have to swim across the bay, it only takes a minute or two, and climb on the left side of the rock. In the summer, there’s always a group of people congregating at the top, waiting to jump. It doesn’t look so high from far away, but once at the top, it looks a lot higher. The first time I tried jumping, I wasn’t able to jump from the very top. I had to lower myself to the tier below and even that was a bit scary! But that’s ok! Like I said, there’s plenty of places to jump at different heights so if you get scared like me, then maybe one of the lower rocks would be great for you.

Ammoudi-Agios Nikolaos

To find the other rocks to jump from, most people watch others do it first so it’s easy to find the best places. The more adventurous bunch can get creative and explore other areas of Ammoudi where people don’t usually go. Remember, there are no rules at Ammoudi! Just be careful when cliff jumping and make sure the water below you is deep and clear of rocks.


2. Fresh Fish

The tavernas at Ammoudi are always serving up fresh fish and cold Santorini Assyrtiko. Many days when I’m on my way to swim, I admire the patrons sitting at these tavernas because the sun makes the water sparkle and the wine shine. Most tavernas serve calamari, which you will see hanging up to dry in the sun, and fresh catches of the day. Ask your server which fish is the freshest and they will grill it right on the spot for you. Eating fresh fish after an afternoon filled with swimming and cliff jumping is the perfect way to sit back, relax, and enjoy the views. Which brings me to…

3. The Views


Ammoudi is an old fishing port, still used to this day. The harbor is filled with colorful fishing boats that rock back and forth with the waves and the water is a beautiful turquoise color, which makes for a very scenic backdrop. The white-washed villas of Oia against the red cliffs also make for a stunning picture. In addition, there’s great views of Thirasia, the island across the water, which used to be connected to Santorini before the volcanic eruption. From the swimming spot at Ammoudi, you get a different perspective of other parts of the island as well, like Firá and Skaros. Needless to say, at every angle, there’s a beautiful view and many, many picture opportunities.


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